Book Review: The Prepper Next Door

The Prepper Next Door, by Charlie Palmer, HCM Publishing, 2012, 314 pages, $19.95

This book was sent to me at no charge, by the author, for my review.

The Prepper Next Door is chock full of useful information, presented in an easy to read, conversational writing style.  Charlie breaks it down into 15 logical chapters on topics ranging from "The Prepper Porta Potty" to "Of Fireblocking And Basements" to "Not Everybody's Cut Out To Raise Chickens."

Looking through my copy, I have probably 25 pages with the  corners turned down for some great tidbits of information, or especially humerous side comments.  In the chapter on flashlights, Charlie discusses the pros, cons, and specs for a variety of different models, all of which is good, useful information.  Then, to lighten the detailed read, he drops, "nothing else says, 'What the Hell are you doing here?' as well as 1,000 lumens."  He includes numerous web resources and downloadable documents such such as the USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning, among others.  The information in this book makes it valuable to the novice or experienced prepper.  The writing style makes it enjoyable to read for anyone. Because the author presents so much of the information in a non-threatening, good for everyday emergencies as well as major disasters and even WROL situations.

I whole-heartedly recommend, The Prepper Next Door, by Charlie Palmer as a gift for that novice or non-preppin friend, and for yourself.  Everyone will learn something from it.  It is also available on Kindle for $9.95.

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