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The other day, I went again this year to TREXPO in D.C.  It used to be the Tactical Response EXPO back in the 90s when I started going, but I think now it is just plain TREXPO and is done in cooperation with the GOVSEC trade show.  Tons of cool gear, much of it applicable for preppers.  Numerous body armor manufacturers and suppliers were there.  Since I bought my last vest about 8-9 years ago, it is amazing how light and flexible II and IIIA armor is.  Compared to when I bought my first vest over 20 years ago, it is like comparing it to a knight's shining armor.  There was a lot of first aid gear that would be great for a blowout kit or 72 hour bag.  I got a samples of a couple of tourniquets I'm going to review here soon.  Big brother was prevent, of course.  Several different drone manufacturers were there.  These things are getting smaller and more maneuverable every day.  All-in-all, a good show again this year. 

Travel Safety

One of the promotional give-aways I picked up at TREXPO was a glow-in-the-dark door wedge.  Much more useful than the countless pens and can coozies.  We are heading on vacation soon, and this will go with us to help secure the hotel door at night.  I don't know who the actual maker is, but it is just as simple to get an old fashioned rubber door stop or a chunk of 2x4 cut on an angle.

Great Customer Service

I've always heard about the great service from Dillon Precision, but never had a need to experience it.  Some time ago, my Dillon 550 press started having problems feeding primers.  I finally got around the other day to calling them to see what I needed to do.  I was on hold for about 45 minutes, but considering the current state of affairs in the firearms and ammo industry I didn't really mind.  Once the fellow got on the phone with me, I described the problem, and he asked a few questions to further trouble shoot.  He quickly determined what my likely problem is, and said he would send me out some replacement parts.  I was shocked to have them in my mailbox less than 48 hours later... at no charge.  If you are in the market for a reloading press, strongly consider Dillon.

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