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I rode up to Fredericksburg today for a Preparedness Expo held in conjunction with a gun show.  The place was packed!  I haven't been to a gun show in a couple of years, but it looked like prices were way down.  One thing that struck me was the colors available... light tan, dark tan, gray, turquoise, navy, pink, red, leopard print, zebra stripes (anyone grow up in the 70s/80s in Va. and the Carolinas remember Franc White on The Southern Sportsman show with the zebra stripe canoe, Jeep and Piper Cub?  But I digress...)  There was a good selection of prepper gear like first aid stuff, water purification, crappy knives, good quality knives, and carrying bags and packs.  There was also a fair amount of wilderness or primitive survival gear.

I bought a really cool steel target thing that kind of looks like a large caltrop with discs on each point that tumbles when you shoot it.  I'll try to get a video review out soon on it.  I also got a Rite in the Rain notebook and a R.A.T.S. Rapid Application Tourniquet System. I've carried a SWAT-T tourniquet for years, but it really is difficult to use on yourself and get it tight enough.  I've trained with a CAT tourniquet also, and it is easier to use on yourself, but it is more expensive and takes up too much room for EDC.  It is great for a car kit or in a BOB o4 72 hour kit.  Anyway, back tot he RATS... I've never used one but a friend is a former paramedic and he swears by the RATS for its compact carry, and how easy it is to self-apply.  It comes in a variety of colors, and I got orange so that it is easy to find in my computer bag and will be easily noticed by rescuers if I ever have to use it.

The Preparedness Expo side of the show was a series of speakers with presentations on everything from small scale homesteading and bee keeping to active shooter preparedness to winter car emergency kit building.  This company does gun shows almost every weekend, and has been doing several of these prepper expos each year.  This was my first, but I think I will look into trying to get a speaking gig at an upcoming event.


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