Blog Review Jan. 25, 2011

Survival Tips : The Survivalist Blog

Recently I’ve been adding The Survivalist Blog, by M.D. Creekmore, to my reading list. Right now, he has a promotion going where if I review the blog, he’ll cross promote me with a link on his very popular blog, and I might win a great looking knife. So, here’s my review.

M.D. is living the survivalist lifestyle. He’s off grid in the Appalachian Mountains and practices what he preaches. I really like that his blog reflects his personal experiences with that life. He offers a free downloadable e-book that he has written that is a good primer for the beginning survivalist. M.D. also has an incredible number of reader comments after many of his posts. If more than a hundred readers regularly engage you, you must be doing something right. He also keeps his readers progressing with a weekly “what did you do to prep this week” post. His most recent post on that topic had 214 readers respond.

The Survivalist Blog is very popular, with good reason. M.D. Creekmore gives back to the community as evidenced by this promotion, his free e-book, and his reader interactions. Seeing how influential his blog has become since he started it in 2007, it gives confidence to me and how I hope to grow If It Hits The Fan.

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