Storm's Brewin' Jan. 31, 2011

Midwest Whiteout

Sounds like a Mack Bolan title, doesn't it?   A massive winter storm is bearing down on the Midwest and across to New England.  Reports are calling for up to 2 feet of snow in Chicago and around the Great Lakes.  It will be combined with winds of 40-45 m.p.h. to produce blizard conditions with minimal visibility.  Drifts of 5 to 10 feet will make normal travel near impossible.

Time for those last minute tweaks to your preps to be ready.  Have you filled your extra gas cans so you have a few extra days of generator power?  Moved the firewood to a location near the house so you can get it easily and safely?  How about those alternative cooking sources... are your propane tanks filled?

How's the car?  Have you replaced the cold weather gear in your car kit that you brought inside to wash after the last storm caught you?  Do you have your chains or snow tires ready (admitidly not something folks do around my area)?

Check in with your elderly neighbors or relatives.  What can you do to help them get safely through the next few days?

Have you crawled under the house to cut off the water to the outdoor spigots (I need to get this done next weekend)?  Have you closed up your underhouse vents and checked the seal on the crawl space hatch?

If you are living a preparedness lifestyle, you ought to be ready for most anything that life will throw at you, but there will always be last minute things to do, especially if you know something is getting ready to hit the fan.  Don't let it discourage you or make you think you're not doing something right.

Of course, while much of the country is freezing in a blizard, here in Centeral Virginia, it should be crowding 70 degrees Wednesday.  But back into normal winter temps on Thursday.

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