First of the Month Feb. 1, 2011

It's the first of the month, have you...

Test run your generator?
Rotated you gasoline stores?
Tested your smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors?
Checked your household and vehicle fire extinguishers?
Given your dog his heart worm pill and flea/tick treatment?
Changed your HVAC filters?

Another one that got away

In the continuing tales of guns I've owned and sold or traded, but wish I didn't, here's yet another...

The last week of November of 1990, as I was gathering my gear preparing to go serve in Desert Storm, I got word that we might be authorized to carry personally owned sidearms.  I went out and bought a used, but excellent condition, Browning P35, also known as the Hi-Power, a couple extra 13 round magazines, and the new (at the time) Bianchi M-12 military holster.
Alas, we were not allowed to take our personal sidearms, and I never really got to appreciate the Hi-Power.  I shot it a few times before leaving, and again a time or two after returning, but I quickly sold it for some reason or another.  The Hi-Power is a classic design.  It was the last gun John Moses Browning designed before his death.  He felt that it was an improved design upon his 1911.  Experts and laymen alike will debate that for another century, but it can't be denied that it is a cool piece of hardware with battle-proven effectiveness.

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