Backwoods Home Feb. 22, 2011

Latest Issue

I got my favorite self-reliance magazine in the mail today, the Mar/Apr issue of Backwoods Home.  I haven't read it yet, just skimmed a few the article, but it looks like a good one!

I really like the libertarian editorial slant, and Dave Duffy has a column discussing reigning in local government through the purse strings.  I recently had an exchange with a couple members of my county board of supervisors about their ongoing goals of excessive power, and I think I'll be sending them copies of this column.

There's also articles about LED lighting, driving a well, goat milk, and a bunch about gardening.  I always learn quite a bit from Jackie Clay's Q&A column.

What really caught my eye was Massad Ayoob's gun article.  Honest, I got the magazine today, and did not see it before yesterday's blog post.  This month, Mas writes about lights on guns for self and home defense, as well as nocturnal pest control.  He goes into it quite a bit deeper than I did yesterday.  I encourage you to check it out.  Massad Ayoob wrote the first defensive firearms book I ever bought, In The Gravest Extreme, when I was a teenager.  It's a great work for those new to the idea.

Excalibur Project

I picked up about 10 lbs of Fugi apples (wonderfully sweet and juicy, a hint of pineapple flavor) on sale Sunday.  I got a mandoline slicer recently and I think it will make quick work of the apples after I core them, and give me uniform slice width to give uniform dehydrating results.  I'll work on this project this weekend and let you know how it goes.  I'm still new to the Excalibur dehydrator, and the mandoline is brand new.

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