EOC Planning Feb. 23, 2011

Regional Planning

I had a meeting today at the Emergency Operations Center in the city where I work.  The purpose was to update hazard mitigation planning.  We began the process several years ago, and needed to refresh the plan.

We first looked at the hazards faced by our city and region.  Hurricane winds, storm surge flooding, and tornados are a high risk.  Of the federally declared disasters in Virginia in the last 50 years, our region has been in 20% of them.  On the unnatural hazards side, we are an Urban Area Security Initiative locale, which means that the feds have figured us to be at high risk for terrorism.  We are a military city and region, have three nuclear facilities surrounding us, have a major interstate passing through the middle of town, and are halfway between major historical and tourist attractions.

I'm fortunate to be associated with a city with a well organized emergency plan and staff.  In drills, the feds and state folks routinely rank us highly.

Every city and county in the US should have an office of emergency management or something similar.  I encourage you to learn about what your locality has, and what plans they have in place for the local hazards.  Consider finding ways to volunteer as a part of the process.  Consider joining CERT.  If you don't have a

background in public safety, CERT can give you information and experience that can help your family and community during emergencies.  Being involved in the emergency operations community can also keep you more informed about the risks in your area.

Ammo Contest

Lucky Gunner is a sponsor over at MD Creekmore's Survivalist Blog, and they have a great contest going with at $200 gift card as the grand prize.  Lucky Gunner has some great deals on ammo like this .45 Hornady or this PMC .308, both of which would be great assets to my larder.  The .45 would feed my trusty Sig Sauer P220 or my WWII Colt 1911A1.  The .308 would be for my PTR91, an American built HK91 (but better).  Lucky Gunner also has a cool page with different targets you can print off.  As a person who once tried to make bullseye targets using Excel, this is a very welcome bonus!  Check out Lucky Gunner for great ammo deals (and a really cool logo!), and visit The Survivalist Blog to learn how you can enter the contest and read some great content.


  1. Just started enjoying your blog - real value here! No offense meant but what makes you feel a PTR91 is better than an HK91 other then the very obvious difference in price? Thanks in advance for any feedback you have time to provide.

  2. Thanks for reading! No ofense taken at all. The PTR91 uses HK machinery bought from a licensed factory in South America, so that part of it is identical. They use a match grade barrel made by Thompson Center, which I think gives the PTR an advantage. I also like the optional aluminium rail forend. From everything I've seen, the PTRs have great quality control.

    I'll concede that "better" might be stretching it, but I can get a brand new PTR. Can't get a new HK at all.

    On a side note, I've had a couple friends with the CETME versions. They were cheaper than the PTR, but awful quality control. Complete junk was just as common as good to go.

  3. http://www.alpharubicon.com/leo/jldptr91.htm

  4. Thanks for the link, Steelheart. That guy sums up my thoughts pretty darn well.

  5. I have both an original HK91 and a PTR91 and as for your theory on accuracy you are wrong. My 91 shoots consistantly better groups. Just sayin. ;)


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