Get The Lead Out Feb. 11, 2011

Lead Removal Wipes

When I was in the Marine Corps, we picked up rifle brass on the range by crawling around and tossing it in our covers (hats for my civilian friends), then dumping it in a bucket when full.  Between shooting relays, we'd rip open an MRE and chow down.  I began my police career the same way.

After being a cop for a few years, I was on a neighboring jurisdiction's range for a tactical shooting class.  After shooting, I pulled off my ball cap and started crawling around throwing pistol brass into it.  I thought the range master was going to have an apoplectic fit.  Turns out that they had started worrying about lead exposure.  By the time I ended my police career, range masters would read lead statements at the start of each shooting session that outlined hand washing and how to clean range uniforms (change before entering the house, placing the contaminated clothes into a separate, cold water wash cycle) all the way to showering (cool water, before any contact with the couch, dog, children or wife.  While I'm sure that a person shouldn't lick their hands after shooting, and frequent and heavy shooters frequently have elevated lead levels in their blood, the police agencies might be going a bit overboard for twice a year shooters.

I just learned of a new product designed to help minimize lead exposure from the range.  Hygenall sells "handy wipes" that decontaminate lead, mercury, and other heavy metals from skin and surfaces.  The CDC and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health actually recommend the product.  They are available in  a handy canister of 25 wipes, a wall mount that holds 400 wipes, and the industrial sized floor tub that holds700 wipes.  The wipes, in a sealed container, have a 18 month shelf life.

If you are a shooter or have other exposure to lead (fishing sinkers, wheel weights) it might not be a bad idea to get a canister or two.  Like always, if you do, please let them know you heard about them at http://www.ifithitsthefan.com/.

Thrifty Prepper Challenge

It's the weekend!  Don't forget to visit a thrift store or two to get the most bang for your 10 bucks and post about it here to have a chance at winning something from my Barter Larder.  Contest runs through Feb. 28th.

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  1. That's funny and paranoid. A little overboard. I would make this comment longer but I only have use of my left arm. I can't walk either and lost all feeling in my extremities. But I'm sure it's not the lead...


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