Prepared Not Scared Feb. 10, 2011

Girl Scout Preppers

I've never been very familiar with the Girl Scouts (other than their delicious cookies each year), so I've always thought of the Boy Scouts when it comes to "Be Prepared."  It seems that the Girl Scouts are taking emergency preparedness very seriously.

The Girl Scouts have partnered up with Homeland Security and FEMA to promote emergency preparedness among the Scouts and their adult leaders.  The Girl Scouts now have an Emergency Preparedness Patch Program.  To earn the patch, the Scouts must learn about the natural and man-made risks in their communities, meet emergency responders, and become part of their communities' preparedness plans.  They are tasked with developing emergency plans for events ranging from cookie sales at the local grocery store to weekend camping trips.

Troop 5127 of Potomac, Maryland developed this PSA to spread the message to their community.

I think that promoting preparedness among the youth is a sure way to help our communities prepare and build self-reliance instead of depending on the government to come to the rescue after a disaster.

If any of you have Girl Scouts in your family, I'd love to hear if they have been involved with this patch program and their experiences with it.

Free Paracord

CampingSurvival.com has a contest going on until midnight tonight.  Watch their Video Blog for today about Paracord, then leave a comment on You Tube about it.  They'll draw a winner tonight from the entrants and the winner will get 100 feet of bright blue paracord.

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