New EDC Kit Feb. 6, 2011

Replacement EDC Kit Pouch

I mentioned that I had lost my EDC (Every Day Carry) kit because the cell phone pouch that I was using had a spring clip and it fell off my belt.  A reader suggested I get a digital camera case.  I found the
Sony LCSCSQ Soft Carrying Case for Sony T, W, and N Series Digital Cameras (Black)Sony LCSCSQ case that fits my needs.  It has a belt loop that will prevent the pouch from jumping off.  The duel zippers allow me to open all or just part of it to get to the gear.  There is a small Velcroed pouch on the front that will hold a few small, flat items.  I'll put this kit together over the next few days and give a full report soon.

Sponsor of the Week

I rotate my sponsors of the week each Sunday.  For the coming week, The Berkey Guy is it.  The Berkey Guy has the full line of Berkey water filters as well as a number of other great items.  The Berkey Guy has fantastic customer service, and when you call, you speak directly to him, not customer service in another country.  Please support all of our sponsors and let them know you got to them through If It Hits The Fan.

Entrepreneurial Idea

Starting your own business is a great way to achieve independence and self reliance, or maybe just some extra money from a side gig.  The other evening, we ate at an Italian restaurant that featured all of their food cooked in a wood fired brick oven.  I got to thinking, where do they get the wood from?  I can't imagine they get a truck load from corporate each week with the shipment of food.  Yesterday I noticed a large pile of wood behind the Cracker Barrel for them to use in their fireplace.  Where do they get it?  Same thing with barbecue (for those of you not in the South, barbecue is not what you do to burgers and dogs over charcoal or gas, it's tender chopped pork slow cooked over hardwood smoke for hours upon hours with a seasoning that is dependent upon where in the South you are) joints.  Where do they get it?

Living out in the country, it's common to see a trailer parked in a yard with a sign that offers fire wood for sale.  But you have to depend on someone driving past and needing firewood at that point.  What if you had regular access to good quality hardwoods?  Why not seek out restaurants and try to get contracts with them to buy your regular shipments? 

Just a thought... take it and run with it if you are so inclined.

The Nuclear Threat

I've been talking about this post for several days, but it is turning out larger than I anticipated.  I'm still turning up resources and background information.  It's coming, I haven't forgotten.  Just please be patient and stay tuned.  I hope it will be worth it!

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