Kid Kontacts Feb. 7, 2011

Pink Dog Tags?

That wouldn't have flown with the old Battery Gunny back in my days in the Corps.  But you know who would dig 'em?  A little girl.  We have a 4th grade niece and a kindergarten nephew.  They don't know a whole lot of emergency numbers.  She doesn't carry a purse nor he a wallet.  When I was interviewed on The Berkey Guy Radio Show back in December, a listener suggested a dog tag for children with emergency info on it. 

I have found these customizable dog tags for kids from My Precious Kid for only $10.  They are customizable with up to 8 lines of up to 15 letters or spaces each.  You can also put the child's name in larger letters, but I suggest not putting that on there.  They can be had in blue, red, green, pink, purple or black.  For ours, I'm ordering a pink one for the girl and green for the boy.  Each will have phone numbers for mom, dad, two aunts and grandma.  We're fortunate to only have one area code around here, so we don't need to include those.  In a more crowded region, you'd have to take that into consideration.  These tags come with a small caribiner with what appears to be a screw lock to keep it secured.  The tag can go on a belt loop, shoe laces, or a back pack.  The website recommends against a chain as a choking hazard.  If you get a real military chain from a surplus store, that will should not be an issue on older children as the chain will pop under some pressure, but on younger children I agree with the seller.

I'm going to get these ordered, I'll let you know when they come in and how the quality is.  If you happen to order from these folks, please tell them you heard about them here.

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