Storm Updates Feb. 2, 2011

How's Everyone?

I've got friends in the hearts of downtown Chicago and Dallas, and another in small-town northern Massachusetts.  Chicago is under the third biggest snowfall ever.  Dallas had heavy sleet and temps in the teens.  Massachusetts got nearly 2 feet of snow.  This is a bad one, folks. 

If you're in the path, please post a comment here or on our FB page telling the rest of us how you fared and any lessons learned.

Carolyn over at Totally Ready has a great post today about some storm preps that will help no matter what part of the country you are in.  Give her a read when you get a chance.


Sorry for the short one today.  Check in tomorrow for a big post about a nuclear threat and some things that you can do to help prepare and keep your family safe from it if it ever comes to pass.

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