Better Than A Gun Show


Tomorrow I head to DC for the day to attend the nation's largest government security trade show.  There is a huge variety of vendors that range from the latest and greatest weaponry to electronic security devices to emergency management equipment.  I'm hoping to get lots of research materials, a few samples, and maybe even pick up an advertiser or two that wants my fantastic readers as clients.

Traveling to DC for the day adds an element to my daily preps and EDC.  I'm riding the subway into the District from a Northern Va. station where I'll park my truck.  I'll pack a small GHB (Get Home Bag) to tote with me that has a little food, some water, my Sport Berkey bottle, a N-95 mask and safety glasses, and a few other things I still need to think about.  I got the book, Preparedness Now! a couple years ago.  It's not of much use to someone outside of a large city filled with public transportation and skyscrapers, but it's great information for a visitor (or resident) of such a place.  I'll re-read the segment on subways tonight to refresh my memory and help me flesh out my GHB.

I'll post a full report on the GovSec conference tomorrow.

Sensible Prepper Conference

Sootchoo, a prolific preparedness host on YouTube, is hosting the Sensible Prepper Conference next Saturday, April 2nd, in Greenville, SC.  He's got some great speakers from the survivalism community lined up.  If you are in the area, you really should check it out.  If you go, I'd appreciate if you could write up a short piece about it to share with If It Hits The Fan readers.  I wish I could go, but it's just a bit too far to make a day trip out of it, and the vacation budget was already spoken for.

Self Reliance Expo

The Self Reliance Expo is in Denver the following weekend, Apr. 8 & 9.  Several of our advertisers will be there, along with a great list of speakers, demonstrations, and other suppliers.  The first SRE was in Salt Lake City last fall, and by all accounts was an amazing show.  If you are anywhere near Denver, check it out.  If you go, please mention to anyone who will listen that you think they ought to do an Expo in the Mid-Atlantic area...

Welcome To New Readers!

We got a ton of new readers today that came over from SurvivalBlog.com.  I want to thank you for checking us out, and hope you'll be regular readers.  We've got posts on a wide range of topics; I'm sure you'll find some things that peak your interests!

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