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American Redoubt

On today's posting at Survival Blog, Jim Rawles lays out his advice for Getting Out Of Dodge, now.  He raises some excellent points.  I'd love nothing more than to leave Virginia and move to our land in Wyoming right now.  Unfortunately we are not in the position to do it, but we are getting a little closer every day.  Check out Jim's post.  If nothing else, it will really make you look at your present situation and examine where you think the world is going.

Another Visit

I had lunch today with another of my long-time prepper buddies.  He just put in a woodstove this winter, and with his $1,100 investment in the used Fisher stove, installation, and a couple loads of wood, he saved $2,000 over his expected propane costs.  Plus he is excited about his increased self-sufficiency and reduced tax footprint.  He bought the wood for this winter, but has already started cutting, curing and stacking for next year.

Gear Contest

The folks at Camping Survival are doing a week long contest to give away a really cool pack in digital woodland camouflage.  They are also looking to hit 30,000 fans on their Facebook page, so if you like what you see, please hit their Like button.

Free Shipping!

When I put up that Survival Gear Bags was our sponsor of the week, I forgot to mention their great shipping rates.  If you buy $150 worth of their gear, you get free shipping!  Less than that, and shipping is a flat $10.

A Charity We Support

A week or so ago, I posted about Shelter Box USA, a group that puts together boxes to deliver tents, water storage & purification, cooking implements, and tools to disaster areas.  I've communicated with them and have decided to support them by giving them a free advertisement on If It Hits The Fan, as well as including them in my annual giving plan.  I really encourage you to check them out and consider donating to their efforts.

Here's a link to a video of their efforts in Japan.

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