If It Hits The Air Mar. 14, 2011

On The Radio

This morning, I was interviewed about personal preparedness by Jimmy Barrett, the host of Richmond's Morning News on 1140 AM, WRVA.  WRVA is a 50,000 watt clear channel powerhouse, and during morning drive when I was on, it is one of the top stations in Richmond, the 55th largest market in the country.  Great exposure!  I'm working on tracking down an audio file of the interview to post here.

The interview has brought a bunch of new readers, so WELCOME!  Here's a post from a while back where I talk about who I am and what I'm doing here.

In The Garden

I spent yesterday enjoying some wonderful weather and prepping my garden for planting.  In an effort to get a little extra time in my growing season I built a cold frame over my garden box.

I used 3.5 mil opaque plastic sheeting and a frame of 2x2s with a couple odd pieces of scrap to finish.  I hinged the back of it and put a handle and bungee cord on the front.

Here it is closed
It doesn't come all the way to the front edge so that water will run off it and into the soil and not wasted out of the box.

Here it is open so you can see the construction
I gave the soil a good soaking and am letting the sun do it's trick.


I've got a small compost bin.  I try to remember to save produce scraps from the kitchen, but that depends on me remembering to get out an extra bowl to hold them.  Yesterday at Wal-Mart I picked up a two pack of their Mainstays brand 16 cup food storage tubs.  They have snap close lids, so the scraps can stay on the counter and odors won't escape.  I'll still run it out to the bin every night, but I think this will make it more convenient and it will be easier to get in the habit.

Fear Mongering?

Some vendors are being accused of fear mongering for sending emails or posting on Facebook that they have KI pills or Nuk Alerts or other prep gear in stock in the aftermath of the Japanese disasters.  I say those accusations are baseless.  If a person waited until after a disaster, then opened up a fly-by-night business to capitalize on the suffering or fear of others, that would be fear mongering.  An existing business reminding potential customers of some of their products that could help with a current situation is not just good business, it's good customer service.

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