The Interview Mar. 15, 2011

Personal Preparedness on WRVA

WRVA put up a podcast of my interview from yesterday, so I used my iPod to film a title screen while the mp3 played.  I'm sure there are easier ways to do it, but it worked OK.  I'll probably update it when I upgrade my AV equipment at some point.

I'm a Winner!

No, not like Charlie Sheen...  A big THANKS to M.D. Creekmore at The Survivalist Blog and his sponsors, Lucky Gunner!  A couple weeks ago, I made a blog post about Lucky Gunner to enter a contest and just found out that I've won the first prize, a $200 credit.  Gotta love free ammo!

Virginia's Statewide Tornado Drill

Today the Va. Department of Emergency Management ran a tornado drill across the state.  There were over a million registered participants.  It got kicked off at 9:45 with an alert over the NOAA Weather Radios.  In addition to a drill for our schools, I used it as a reason to remind folks in our administrative building about what they can do at work and at home to prepare for a tornado.

I know other states have statewide earthquake drills, do any others do a tornado drill, and have you participated in any statewide drills?

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  1. Without knowing your starting formats it's difficult to speculate. However, you should be able to use the native Windows Movie Maker to create something similar.

    Create your title slide as a image, then add it into your project. Then you should be able to add you audio. I have created a few 4min 'movies' using this method with a number of images and a single audio stream.

    You can output the file is several file types and bit rates.


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