If It Hits The... Mar. 4, 2011

Grocery Cart Handle?

From the Washington Regional Threat and Analysis Center...

E. Coli Found on 50 Percent of Shopping Carts
Researchers from the University of Arizona swabbed shopping cart handles in four states looking for bacterial contamination. Of the 85 carts examined, 72 percent turned out to have a marker for fecal bacteria. The researchers took a closer look at the samples from 36 carts and discovered Escherichia coli, more commonly known as E. coli, on 50 percent of them — along with a host of other types of bacteria. “That’s more than you find in a supermarket’s restroom,” said the lead researcher on the study and a professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona. The study’s results may explain earlier research that found that kids who rode in shopping carts were more likely than others to develop infections caused by bacteria such as salmonella and campylobacter, the lead researcher said. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/41838546/ns/health-kids_and_parenting/
So I saw this today.  I stopped at Wal Mart on the way home from work tonight.  I noticed that the sanitizing wipes, that usually are positioned after you grab a cart, were positioned before you grab the cart.  On purpose, or just random placement that I happened to notice today?  I don't know, but I wiped down my cart like Howard Hughes.  I also picked up a big bottle of alcohol hand sanitizer for the truck while I was in there.

Wal Mart Closeout Shelves

Look for the closeout section in your local Wal Mart.  The one I was in today had it in the corner behind all the pharmacy items.  There were some good prep items.  Several heavy duty cable locks, mountain bike accessories (I got a new seat for mine), some fishing reels and line, a propane fired instant heat camping shower, lots of different deer lures and attractants, and a few other things.  I picked up a couple of packs of these:
I'll use one pack when I go to Pathfinder wilderness survival school this summer.  The other goes in the larder.  They were marked down from $8.97 to $5.  Not a bad savings.

March is Red Cross Month

From our friends at FEMA:

SEATTLE -- March is American Red Cross Month, a great opportunity for citizens, families and businesses to review disaster plans and build or restock emergency kits. According to FEMA Region X Administrator Ken Murphy, the American Red Cross not only provides help, hope and healing when disaster strikes, but also offers a wide selection of CPR/AED, first aid, disaster response and emergency preparedness training.

"The Red Cross is FEMA's major partner coordinating food and shelter during catastrophic disasters, but the key to any successful emergency response, regardless of the nature of the event, is personal preparedness," said Murphy. "Red Cross classes and resources help people prepare with a few simple steps: build an emergency supply kit, make an emergency plan, and stay informed of the hazards in your area. These resources can go a long way towards empowering our communities to make a real difference when the chips are down."

President Obama recognized the month's significance in a proclamation released yesterday: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2011/02/28/presidential-proclamation-american-red-cross-month-2011

Resolve to be Ready in 2011 is led by FEMA's Ready Campaign in partnership with Citizen Corps and The Advertising Council. For more information on the Ready Campaign and Citizen Corps, visit Ready.gov and CitizenCorps.gov. Follow FEMA online at http://www.twitter.com/fema,%20www.facebook.com/fema, and www.youtube.com/fema.  Follow Administrator Craig Fugate's activities at www.twitter.com/craigatfema. Social media links are provided for reference only. FEMA does not endorse non-government websites, companies or applications.

Preparedness is moving more and more mainstream.  Granted, I wish "they" would suggest at least two weeks supplies instead of just 72 hours, but really, most Americans can't get through 72 hours without support right now, so even that would be a drastic improvement.  The more people that have basic readiness, the better.

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  1. It's about time that our government started doing something like this, or are they trying to tell us something? You never know with those goof balls. I agree with you 72 hours is not enough but most people can't wipe their own butts without help anymore so I guess 72 hours is a bit of a stretch for most folks.


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