Rural Resources Mar. 5, 2011

Free Magazine

A couple years ago I started getting a free subscription to a magazine called, "Living the Country Life."  It's a quarterly, and is now in its tenth year.  I encourage you to go to their website and get yourself a free subscription as well.

The magazine is associated with a syndicated radio show, and also with Better Homes & Gardens magazine.  Each issue has several articles, reader photos, and, and some commentary.  The issue that just arrived has articles on raising chickens, restoring barns, controlling flies, and used UTVs.

Each issue typically has a couple contests as well.  Right now, they have a photo contest.  Send in a picture of your livestock, and you could win $100.  They also have a contest to win a Grasshopper zero-turn lawnmower worth over $7,000.

If you're interested in living the country life, you really ought to get the magazine.  You can't beat the price!

Blog Suggestion

Chris writes A One Acre Homestead and recently came back from a hiatus.  Last year, he and his wife raised 1,100 pounds of produce from their gardens.  That amazing feat is enough to make his blog worth checking out, but he's also an entertaining writer.  Check him out and give him some encouragement to keep it up.