Local Top Shot

History Channel's Top Shot

I mentioned a couple weeks ago how much I like the show, Top Shot, on the History Channel.  I realized last week that one of the competitors is a local guy, Ashley Spurlin.  He bills Richmond as his home town, but is on active duty in the Air Force.

Here's his introductory video:

And here's a link to his bio.

And here's a link to the base newspaper article about his Bronze Star.  It says he hails from California, but the show bills him as being from here.

So, despite three of my fellow Marines still being in the competition, I'm going to root for Ashley to win it all.

Have you been watching this show that really promotes the positive aspects of "exotic" firearms?  If so, who are you rooting for?


  1. Excellent show. I think its cool how they have to be able to use all sorts of different weapons.

  2. BVDD - I agree. It seems like they've used a bigger variety of modern weapons than last season. This coming episode is the .50BMG Barrett rifle. Should be fun.


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