Spring Break Plan

It's the first of the month, have you...

Test run your generator?
Rotated you gasoline stores?
Tested your smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors?
Checked your household and vehicle fire extinguishers?
Given your dog his heart worm pill and flea/tick treatment?
Changed your HVAC filters?

and here's a new addition to the list:
Fired up your chainsaw, lawn tractor, and other small engines?

I'm Off Next Week

Here's the task list for the week...
Every morning, a three-mile walk/jog;
Write the blog post for each day + a post to go in the hopper for the following week;
An hour or two each day of yard work;
Really get our preps organized and straightened out...  I have supplies in a couple different parts of the house and shop, but they need to be better organized.  I'm much better about it than I was a few years ago, but still have room for improvement.
Redo our BOBs from the cars to reflect spring weather, and any perishables that need rotating.

It doesn't sound like a lot, but I'm a world-class procrastinator, so it will be a challenge to get it all done.  By putting it out here, I think I'm more motivated to get it done so I can report back to you.

I'll keep you updated!

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