On The Road Again

Car Travel Has Issues Too

A lot of folks think that if they travel by car, then they just carry their regular old GHB (Get Home Bag) and be done with it.  But there are a few things to consider...

There's a lot of other stuff in the car.  Will you have room for a GHB for each traveling companion if the car also has to carry a cooler, suitcases, recreational equipment, and other vacation necessities?

You'll be farther from home than normal.  I work about 60 miles from my house, and pack my gear on the assumption that I might have to hike home, or stay with friends near work.  If we drive on vacation, we might be 100-500 miles from home.  That will certainly affect what we need to prep for.  Probably more of a shelter in place scenario than evacuate home.  Also, you need to be familiar with the risks associated with your destination if it is a good distance away.  Weather, geographic, criminal and political risks can all come into play.

You also have the car itself.  Is the maintenance up to date?  Does your spare have air in it?  Do you have spare hoses, belts, and the tools and knowledge to change them if they break?  Do you have AAA or another roadside assistance program?

From Maine to Florida, and out to the mighty Mississippi, I prefer to travel by car, and prepare accordingly.  It's not always possible or practical, but I do it if I can.

Sponsor Of The Week

The Berkey Guy is our Sponsor of the Week this week.  Jeff sells the full line of Berkey water filtration products, along with a seed bank, some books, and other gear.  He also has amazing customer service and great prices.  You've probably heard that  Berkey is raising its prices and is experiencing shipping delays right now.  The Berkey Guy shows on his website what items are in stock, and what items are not.  He is not doing back-orders, but you can sign up for notification when your chosen item is back available.  Currently, it looks like he has the Berkey Light, Go Berkey Kit, and Travel Berkey in stock.  Clean water is a necessity for life, and Berkey is the top of the line in providing it.  The Berkey Guy is the top of the line in great customer service.

Scheduling Announcement

I won't have access to a computer for a few days, but I'm not going to leave you hanging.  I've got two posts loaded up and scheduled to be published on Monday and Tuesday.  If it works, you should notice no difference, other than me not announcing the posts on Facebook.  I'll try to get one done for Wednesday, but it may not happen.  I expect to be back to normal on Thursday.

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  1. Thanks for the detailed update on the conference. I'm probably a little bit closer to SC than you are, but I could not attend with my kids on spring break from school.

    Oh, and I just received my order yesterday from the Berkey Guy. He shipped it within the time frame he said he would, and he kept me updated with emails. Overall a very good experience, so I can add my own recommendation to yours.


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