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Tomato Envy

I thought that some of my tomato plants that I started were looking pretty good.  Tonight we stopped at Lowe's for a few things and I saw their plants.  Their plants were about 4 times the size of mine.  I think I'm going to bite the bullet and pick up a few to go in the garden.  I'll still plant a couple of mine to see how they do in comparison.

First Fruits

I put in two blackberry plants and three strawberry plants last week.  I dug up my wife's liriope from in front of my shop (I had the OK and moved it elsewhere) and planted them all there.  As they grow, I'll add some lattice to the front of the shop to support the plants.  This is my first attempt at fruits; I hope they do well so we can eat delicious fresh fruit and dehydrate some as well.

Duel Survivor Is Back

I see where Dave Canterbury and Cody Lundin will be back with Season 2 of Duel Survivor starting next Friday, 4/22 on the Discovery Channel.  We really enjoyed the show last season and learned some great techniques.  I'm really looking forward to attending Dave's Pathfinder school this summer.

Yesterday's Storms

As a further reminder of how quick it can hit the fan, yesterday a line of deadly storms swept through Oklahoma and Arkansas before heading into Mississippi and Alabama today.  Reports have nine people dead and the storms are continuing into the Southeast for Saturday.  It is so important to have a NOAA Weather Alert Radio on at all times and set for your local area.  At least four of the storm's victims were killed in bed

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  1. Yeah I think I am doing OK in my garden then I make a stop at Lowe's or home depot and then I start to rethink my plans too. The fruit sounds like a good idea. I was startled to hear about so many tornado's touching down at the same time. I agree with you on having a NOAA radio on hand. You just never know when weather might pop up and end up in tragedy.


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