Taking Stock


Today I did more work organizing my preps in the shop.  I got the shelves straightened up and most of the prep gear sorted into bins.  My wonderful wife used some mailing labels to make easy-to-read identifiers so I don't have to go through all of them to find something.  I also got the food shelves organized out there.  It's a lot easier to rotate stores and maintain inventory when the food is organized.  Finally, I got the workshop side of the building straight as well.  Things are hung up on the walls, on shelves, and in containers.  I've got extra socket sets, screwdrivers and hammers because of disorganization in the past, it's so much easier to work on something if I know where my tools are.


We made a trip to BJs' this evening and added to the food supplies.  Four double boxes of cereal, three cases of water, a case of Annie's organic mac & cheese, two 6-packs of Lipton flavored rice, two 10-packs of Healthy Choice soups, two 75-count bullion cubes, 24 cans of albacore tuna on sale, two big jugs of popcorn, three 3-liters of olive oil, three 8-packs of canned fruit, and a #10 can of Planter's mixed nuts.  All in all, a pretty good stash to add to the pantry.


The storms that were so deadly in the Midwest and Southeast made an appearance this afternoon.  As I mentioned yesterday, the NOAA weather radio is a must have.  Ours let us know about a severe thunderstorm watch, a severe thunderstorm warning, and a tornado warning.  Since I have such a long commute and I seldom listen to the car radio, I need to find a portable NOAA radio that won't cost my whole paycheck to keep stocked in batteries... maybe one I can hard wire into to the truck's electrical system.  Anyone know of something that will fit the bill?

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