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Dave & Cody Are Back

As I type this, the season 2 premier of Dual Survivor (my wife pointed out that I had been spelling this "Duel" duhhhh) is coming on, so this will be a pretty short post.  The guys are in the wilds of Argentina, and the show is starting off with Dave cauterizing a cut arm with blackpowder.  Wow!

I also found out today that a guy who was a year behind me in high school is one of their field producers and has traveled the world with them. 

Product Review: Petzl Tikka XP2 Headlamp

This is a great little headlamp.  It runs on 3 AAA batteries, is pretty comfortable at only 3 ounces, and has a long battery life.  The tilt angle of the light is adjustable depending on if you are walking along, or doing some close up work.  It has settings for bright (60 lumens), economy (about 1/4 the brightness), flashing bright, red, and flashing red.  There is also a diffuser that you can slide up over the LEDs.  On the bright setting, it is plenty bright for walking through the woods or searching your house or yard.  I've been playing with mine for about a month on the original set of batteries.  I've probably had two hours of running time accumulated, and it is still very bright with no noticeable power loss.  According to Petzl, you can get up to 160 hours on economy setting.  A battery indicator light comes on when you get down to a low amount of power.  As an added bonus, one of the buckles on the headband has an emergency whistle built in.  The current Amazon price is $52.72.  You might be able to do better with a local supplier, but either way, this is a very handy item to have around the house, when camping, changing a tire on the side of the road at night, or just taking out the garbage before bed.


  1. I have been playing with the idea of getting a new headlamp for camping. I will have to go and check this on out. Thanks for the tip.

  2. I think "duel" pretty much sums up their relationship some of the time...


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