Spring Cleaning

I Forgot I Had That!

I was on a productivity roll last night, so I got to cleaning and organizing in the shop.  I barely made a dent, but I was amazed at the difference.  The key is to not get bogged down looking at stuff too deeply.  Make a decision and stick with it!

I got rid of a big box of early 80's gun magazines.  Normally I would have skimmed them and remembered certain ads, guns or articles fondly.  Instead, I set aside all of the survivalism magazines and the rest went out to the dump pile.  I found the Ka-Bar and Gerber Mark I that I carried in Desert Storm.  I thought they were long gone.  I found some oil lamps and extra mantles for my Aladdin lanterns (those things have really gone up in price!)  Other prepper gear included a bunch of small Swiss Army Knives from Wegner and Victorinox, my old USMC watch cap, a smoke grenade, more random ammo, and a handbook for the British Home Guard from 1942.  I'm sure there was other stuff, but I'll report a full inventory later in the week.

Lock 'Em Up

I have three gates into my backyard.  Two are drive through, one is walk through.  Today I bought a 4-pack of Brinks keyed-alike, long shackle, commercial-grade padlocks.  Two will stay on the gates, and the fourth will go on the inside of the end doors of my shop building.  It's past time to secure it.

I'm ordering the Stack-On security cabinet to put in the shop, bolted to the wall, for all of my ammo.  It will keep the ammo out of the way, and segregated from other activities, as well as better organized.  These units are not high security, but my first gun "safe" was a Stack-On and it served me well for many years. 

Lucky Gunner

I used my $200 winnings from Lucky Gunner to order 1,000 rounds of 9mm and 500 rnds of .22LR ammo last night.  For shipping and a little extra for the .22, I ended up paying about $42 or so.  Thanks, Lucky Gunner!

Top Shot

Top Shot comes on History Channel tonight.  For tonight's episode, the final 7 compete with the .50 BMG sniper rifle at 1,000 yards.  Who's going home?  I don't know, but I hope not Ashley or Gunny.  Ashley went to my high school (he graduated 8 years later), and Gunny lives in the small village in Ohio where my step-mom is from and where my uncle lived until he passed away two years ago.

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  1. I really like the feeling after you get some stuff organized and it is easier to find things. Cabinets for ammo are a must have. It is so much easier to get what you want when everything is in one location. It's also not a bad idea to have your shop and backyard locked up now days.


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