Springtime for BOB

BOB Seasonal Change

I'm pretty late on doing the seasonal change on my Bug Out Bag, but it has been a cool spring.

I keep my bag packed in my truck with the purpose of using it to get home if I'm stranded with or without my truck.  I work over 50 miles away, and depending on the circumstances and route, it could take me 3-4 days to hike home.  I have a close friend down there that I could shelter with if necessary, but I like to have my own supplies so I don't take from theirs.  I keep my bag set up with several days of water, food and shelter capabilities.  I've got some thoughts on expanding it in the near future that I will share at the end.

Here's the current contents:
From left to right, bottom to top...
2 underwear
2 camouflage bandannas
2 pair socks
2 dark colored t-shirts
OD boonie hat
Eddie Bauer khaki "bush" shirt
21st Century Ka-Bar wrapped in about 10 feet of duct tape
5 granola bars
pack of Kool-Aid singles
notepad with Sharpies and a pen
lined flannel shirt vacuum sealed
light blanket vacuum sealed
2 Campbell's soup
tuna fish
2 cans pineapple bits
first aid kit
compact binoculars
LED flashlight
handcrank flashlight
space blanket
Bic lighter
Swiss Army Knife
candle lantern
dentist's sample toothpaste & toothbrush
pack of tissues

In the truck, I also have body armor, some hiking shoes and four 3-liter bottles of water.  My water plan, if I have to leave the truck, is to fill up the CamelBak reservoir from the water bottles, then, as I find more water, I can fill up the reservoir from a questionable source, but drink it only through the Sport Berkey.

I think to further refine the bag, I will move the clothes to a small duffel bag and improve the food and shelter capabilities.  I can expand upon the food a little without affecting the weight too much.  I'll also add a dark colored small tarp for sheltering.

No matter what, if I have to hike home, it's going to suck.  The key to my BOB is to make it suck a little less.  I'd never make it home in good shape in my khakis, shirt and tie wearing dress shoes; and I work far enough away that food and water supplies are a must.  If I worked 6-10 miles from home, I'd have it set up totally different.

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