Vacation Preps


When you load up the Family Truckster with coolers, suitcases, and floats, heading for the beach or other tourist destination, how do you prep?

Maybe you're going out of state and your concealed weapon permit won't be any good.  Perhaps you'll be spending your days in monster crowds at an amusement park.  What about if a cruise ship is on your vacation agenda?

Do you plan your vacations around your prepping plans or concerns?  Does your family support those plans? 

As we move into spring break time, then summer vacations, over the next few days I'd like to look at some different traveling situations and some ways to stay prepared while enjoying them.

One misstep that comes to mind was when we went on our honeymoon cruise through the Caribbean.  I packed a Spyderco, a Swiss Army Knife, and a small neck knife.  As we boarded the ship, we had to go through metal detectors, and all of our luggage was x-rayed.  My wife's suitcase was delivered promptly to our cabin, but mine was nowhere to be found.  A call to the purser's office got me invited to the security office.  There, I found the Nepalese Gurkha ship security chief telling me they had my suitcase because of the weapons in it.  I dug in my suitcase and pulled out the knives.  I had to check them in with Security and was able to get them back out at each port, to be checked back in upon returning to the ship.  Not interested in the hassles, I checked them out at the first port, Key West, and mailed them home.  If I go on a cruise in the future, I'll depend on some sort of improvised weapon such as the Cold Steel Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick.

If you have any traveling/prepping stories, please add them in the comments.  I'll continue this line of thought for a few days.

Ammo Locker

I mentioned the other day that I had ordered a Stack On Security Cabinet to go in the shop.  It came today, and I'm very pleased with it.  It comes assembled, but goes together with just a socket wrench and a Phillips head screwdriver.  It took about an hour and a half to get together, and seems sturdy and well suited for my purposes.  Tomorrow morning I'll use the included bolts to bolt it to the wall and floor of the shop.  After I fill it up with nicely organized ammo, I'll take a picture and post it up.  If you have a lot of ammo in various boxes, cabinets and counters, consider getting one of these.

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  1. The walking stick reminds me of my father and his cane...

    My father had some hip surgery a few years ago and has had a slight limp since he healed. His limp bad enough that he started walking with a cane. My brothers and I purchased him a nice hardwood cane to replace the sub-par drugstore type cane he had purchased.

    He told me one time that while he and my mother had left the house for an evening walk that one of the neighborhood dogs approached them "in a threatening manner" and he planted his cane directly between the dog's eyes and then they went on their way to continue their walk. He told me that my mother made a comment about how they had raised decent enough sons who thought enough of him to give a nice hardwood cane for beating dogs. He told me that they both laughed all the way home over her comment...


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