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This is hosted through Blogger.  They were down for nearly 24 hours, and I even lost Wednesday's posts, comments and design updates.  If you left a comment yesterday, and it's gone, please leave it again.  It looks like things are back to normal now.

Can You Help?

Tomorrow I'm running in the Richmond Rugged Maniac Adventure Race. It's a 5K (3.1 mile) race, set up on a motocross track, with a dozen obstacles built in.  Cargo nets, walls, mud pits, rope swings, and even a fire to jump over at the end.  Related to survival?  It's part of my quest to improve my physical fitness and health, so yeah, it is related to survival.

The problem is, I'm not ready.  I signed up for it thinking I'd have plenty of time to prepare.  I'm down a few pounds, but I'm still overweight and out of shape.  For the last month or so, I've been having trouble with a tendinitis flare up in my knee.

I'm going for it, but I'm going for slow and steady.  I'll finish... eventually.  It will be a family outing.  My sister-in-law is also running (she's going to be A LOT faster than I will), and my wife and her husband will be cheering us on.  We'll all be wearing the new very cool and very fashionable If It Hits The Fan T-shirts!  I'll be giving a few away soon, so stay tuned.

Now, here's where I can use some help.  As you might know, I've adopted Shelter Box USA as the official charity of If It Hits The Fan.  If you can spare it, I'd be honored if you would pledge to donate a couple bucks to Shelter Box to help motivate me to becoming a full fledged Rugged Maniac.  The donation page is here.  They do some great work with disaster victims.

Wish me luck tomorrow, and I'll be back with some pictures of us in our shirts, some video of me on the course, and a return to regular writing!

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  1. Good luck, just remember to just keep your head down and never quit.


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