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If you've been reading If It Hits The Fan for a while, you know I am a huge proponent of having a NOAA Weather Alert radio in your home and office.  In fact, tonight we had a series of severe thunderstorm watches and warnings on ours.  I'm currently looking at CB/NOAA radio combos to find one to put in my truck on my commute.

If you have an iPhone, you can go one better and have NOAA weather alerts no matter where you are.  I got some information this week that there is an app for the iPhone that lets you have NOAA weather alert radio sent to your iPhone and you can program it for up to 5 different localities (great if you are like me and have a long commute, or if you travel around throughout your workday).  It normally costs $9.99 for this app, but on May 19th, for the first 100,000 people to download it that day, it will be free. 

I left the details at work, so I'll put them out here on Monday.  My wife has an iPhone, so we'll be putting this on hers.  Seems like a great application, and you can't beat the special price!

Rugged Maniac

Well, I ran the race today... "ran" is a generous term.  But I finished the race, successfully completed every obstacle, and even beat two of the people in my 9 a.m. wave.  The course was laid out over a motocross and trail riding track, so there were lots of steep hills and uneven terrain.  Obstacles included crawling through a drain pipe to 8 foot walls, a cargo net, a knee deep mud pit, low crawling through mud with strands of barbed wire inches over your head (that one brought back memories of Parris Island, just no explosives going off around me this time), diving under floating PVC pipes, balancing on a 2x4 over water, a 35 foot water slide, and a finishing leap over a fire.  Going in unprepared, I was hoping for about an hour and 15 minutes, but I actually made it in 1:05.  I was pretty pleased.  Next year, I'll be prepared, and shoot for sub 40 minutes. 

This year, there are nine Rugged Maniac races along the East Coast, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Denver.  If you get the chance, give it a shot.  It's tons of fun, and you get to challenge your body to see if you still "have it."  It's a great way to evaluate your overall fitness in a wide range of activities that could have bearing on how you get home or get away after a SHTF scenario.

I'll get some pics and video up tomorrow.

A huge thanks to all who donated to Shelter Box USA to help motivate me to the end!

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  1. Does the app automatically alert you with an audible alert, or do you need to manually check it?


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