Garden Update

Great So Far

Things are going fantastic in my garden, much better than my first attempt last year.

My tomato plants are growing tall and thick, and I have probably close to 20 tomatoes already.  They are all still green, of course, but a couple have already gotten to a decent size.

The assortment of organic lettuces are huge.  I've picked off some, and it is good tasting.  I'll be trimming and eating for several weeks.  I should have planted a second wave, but I think I need to wait until fall.

My carrots are looking OK.  I've pulled up a couple to see what they look like, and had to stick them back in.  I don't know if that will work, but we'll see.

The jalapeno plants are getting taller, and each has a couple of buds on it.

One of the sweet baby watermelons is growing well, the other is looking a little underwhelming.  No buds, yet.

The strawberries are doing well.  They all have buds, and a few of them already have new berries forming.  They are everbearing, so I should have berries all season.

My blackberry plants haven't done a thing.  They still look like twigs sticking up out of the ground.  This is the second year I've tried storebought blackberry stems with roots.  Two different locations, two different brands of plant.  Do any of you have any blackberry success suggestions for me?

That's it so far.  All in all, I'm pretty pleased with my progress.  Next up, plant some pumpkins so they'll be ready for Halloween.


  1. My little gardens are sad. The drought is getting the best of them. My okra and hot peppers are doing fine. I have some ripe roma tomatoes but my plants aren't looking at all healthy. It has been so hot here too I just can't keep up with their needs.

  2. My blackberry plants have taken well, and have budded fruit faster than I could pare them down - I was trying to get them to grow rather than bare this season. My raspberries looked pathetic for a couple weeks, and I was advised to take them back to Lowes for a refund, but they have since leafed up, sprouted new stems, and even bore flowers (which I dead-headed to promote better root growth their first year).

  3. leave the blackberry plants to fend for themselves. They should take off on their own...down here in SC they grow wild, and will take over a yard, a garden, everything if allowed.


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