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FEMA Training

I've questioned lots of things about FEMA on here, but one thing I really like about them is their free, on-line training programs.

Today I took IS-3, Radiological Emergency Management.  The week after next, I am involved in a regional radiological emergency exercise associated with the nearby nuclear power station, and I wanted to brush up on my knowledge.  Despite the name, the class is actually geared toward civilians, not EM professionals.  It was really a good class, and I learned quite a bit.

Topics included:
  • The science of nuclear radiation
  • Transportation of nuclear materials
  • How a nuclear power station works
  • Dangers from nuclear weapons
  • Steps to mitigate the danger of a nuclear event
I knew fuel rods were in a power plant, but now I actually know what they are.  I knew a little about placards, but now I know what I'm looking at on the highway.  I knew that roentgens and rads are measurements, but now I know what they measure.  I know more about Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and Japan.

The class is listed as 10 hours of contact time, but I got it done in about an hour and a half.  I'll use the 10 hours toward a professional certification that I am working on, but some community colleges and on-line universities may offer credit for it.

If you are interested or concerned about possible nuclear events, I'd encourage you to take this course.  Knowledge is power, and a crucial part of prepping.

Houston Seminar

If you are in Houston tomorrow (Saturday), you are in for a treat.  Check out the "Popular Mechanics presents the Ram Homesafety Prep Show" with keynote speaker, Cody Lundin.  This looks like a great show with some cool speakers and demonstrations.  It's great to see some major sponsors for an event like this.  It shows that the preparedness lifestyle is growing in credibility and acceptance.  The more people that are prepared for disruptions and disasters, the better off everyone will be.  If you are near this show, or any of the others that are going around the country, I encourage you to take them in and support the sponsors and vendors so that the shows can continue and spread.

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