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Survivalist, Issue #3

The latest issue of Survivalist magazine came in the mail this week.  I have to say, they are getting better with this issue.  I also noticed that they have changed thier name from Complete Survivalist.

A couple letters to the editor addressed some of my complaints about the poor quality of some of their models and photos.  Turns out they are using some stock and licensed images.  As the magazine grows, they'll move more and more toward professional photography.

They have some pretty good articles this month.  They have a few product reviews, some gardening articles, two pieces on living thrifty, homestead animals, shelter building, food & water, and root cellars.  Interestingly, there is nothing on guns.

The magazine is growing on me, and all in all, I'm glad I subscribe.

Backwoods Home, Issue #130

Backwoods Home is my favorite magazine these days.  Their combination of homesteading, tactical concerns and libertarian views really strikes all my interests.  I always learn a great deal from their letters and the reader questions that Jackie Clay answers.  Massad Ayoob always has good information on guns and weapons.

Of the many magazines that I get that are related to survivalism and homestead living, if I could only keep one, it would be this one.

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  1. I am going to have to try both of these out. They both look very good. Thanks for the info.


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