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Two More Days

Then things will be back to normal.  Here's a couple short items...

Need a House?

Did you catch this article on Fox News today?  It's an off-grid, 320 square foot dome home on 10 acres outside Taos, New Mexico... for $74,000.  Seems kind of steep to me.  The house itself couldn't be more than a few thousand to build, and 10 acres of scrub land ought not to be that much.

Whole House Faraday Cage

A friend recently lost many of his home electronics during a lightning storm.  Interestingly, his computer escaped unscathed.  It was in a corner of the house under a part of the attic where he had already installed a foil insulation wrap.  He had not yet gotten to the rest of the roof.  It seemed to act as a giant Faraday cage.  I've heard that stuff will reduce your heating and cooling bills, but this could be a whole new marketing direction for them.

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