Product Reviews: Eggs & An Axe


I tried these eggs for breakfast... not bad... not great, but not bad.
Here's what they look like when prepped for cooking.  The Scramblettes are on the right, two real eggs on the left.

Cooking them up was just like a real egg.  Kept 'em moving and kept chopping them.  Here's how they look cooked.  Again, Scramblettes on the right, real eggs on the left.

Visually, they looked pretty good.  They looked like what I remember from the chow hall, or from a Hardee's (Carl's Jr. for those of you West of the Mississippi) breakfast biscuit.  A little paler than real, and sort of a smoother texture.

So, how'd they taste?  Ehhh.  There was something just a bit "off" about the flavor.  It wasn't bad, just not real eggs.  I think they would be better made into an omelet or with a little cheese on them.  I'll try them again next weekend in an omelet.

Should you buy some?  I'd say try and buy one can first at your local store to try.  If you like them, you can probably get them in quantity a little cheaper from Amazon.

Well, I got the technical problems sorted out.  Turns out my 10 year old desk top didn't have enough oomph to run the editing software for the Flip cam.  Go figure.  My wife's laptop did it fine.  As I type this, it is posting to YouTube, so I won't be able to link to the video tonight.  Check back in an hour or two and visit the IfItHitsTheFan YouTube channel to see it.  I'd like to start doing a lot more of these to add to what I have to offer.  I'd really appreciate your comments and suggestions on my videos.

Video Is Up
Here it is...  Please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel and leaving comments there and here.  Thanks!

Doomsday Preppers

A couple readers and Rourke from ModernSurvivalOnline.com alerted me to a new show premiering tomorrow night on The National Geographic channel, called Doomsday Preppers.  Looks like it might be pretty good.  I'm curious to know what the NatGeo "experts" have to say since a couple of the guys in the trailers are pretty much experts in their own right and are known to many of us in the lifestyle.

Sponsor Of The Week

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  1. You might want to start pushing your YouTube channel a little more so more of your regular readers subscribe.

    Otherwise nice video.



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