Technical Difficulties

Video Product Review - FAIL

As promised, we went out today and recorded a video review of the Gerber Back Paxe II camp axe.  Unfortunately, after spending several hours messing around with the software, I've somehow managed to get the audio about 15 seconds off from the video.

If the sound hadn't been out of sync, it probably would have been pretty decent.  We'll try recording and posting again tomorrow.

Barter Larder Updates

Our nephew's mom brought me about a dozen sample packs of Colgate toothpaste for the Barter Larder.  These are little packages, kind of like ketchup at a fast food joint, but with toothpaste.  Each one is good for 3-4 brushings and could be greatly valued if given out as charity or in a barter situation If It Hits The Fan.

A couple weeks ago, a friend bought a new AR-15.  I gave him about 30-40 various rounds of 5.56, and over 100 rounds of .380 for one of his pistols.  The ammo was in the Barter Larder because I don't have guns for it.  He gave me a Glock 18 magazine that holds 31 (or is it 33?) rounds and fits my 9mm AR and my Glock 17. 

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