I'm Packing Up

Heading To Ohio

The last gear is bought, the car (Jeep Grand Cherokee) is rented (my truck has 165K on it and the AC doesn't work, so I think an out of state trip is asking for trouble in it), and I'm packing up right now to leave in the morning.

My wonderful wife finished the canvas bedroll last night.  It looks really cool!  I'm really looking forward to crawling in with my GI wool blanket and sleeping under the stars (or rain as the weather looks for the next couple days).

I went out to the shop and got a few more pieces of old camping gear to take.  Remember how I said a few days ago that I had rolled up my self-inflating air pad the last time I went winter camping in about 1998 or so?  Well, it looks like that was also the last time I used my old GI mess kit... yeah.  Twelve year old bacon grease... yuck!  But, a quick soak in hot dishwater and a green scrubby pad and it looks as good as new.  Those green scrubby pads are fantastic.  In the past I've used them to clean rust off of second hand cast iron cookware, and off of yard sale knives.

I may get out a brief post tomorrow before I shove off, but it depends.  There will not be a post on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  If I get back Monday, I'll get a short post up.  A multi-part full report on the class will start Tuesday.  If I have a cell phone signal out there, I'll try to put up a couple Facebook posts each day, so please "Like" us on FB if you haven't already done so.


  1. Hope you have a safe trip there and home, I am sure you will have lots of good info to share with the family!!! We were in the Dollar Tree today and they had home emergency supply list for customers to take,we got one to show you and to see how their list stacks up against yours, see you when you get back!!!!

  2. Thanks! You guys have fun camping yourselves this weekend!

  3. Travel safe, say Hi to Dave, enjoy the class!

  4. It was nice meeting you and will def check out more of this site after I am done relaxing from the weekend. Thanks Rhonda/Son


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