Post Delayed Due To Rain

Heck Of A Storm

Well, I didn't get a post up last night.  We went out to the local horse track for my dad's Rotary Club annual fundraiser.  We had a nice buffet up in the suites, so we got to watch the races and great fireworks show in air conditioned comfort.  They also had a silent auction, and I scored a $100 REI gift card for only $45.  Wish I had it earlier in the week when I was getting gear for next week.

Anyway, when we left, the sky was alive with heat lightning.  As we got closer to home, the wind really picked up. I checked the weather alert on the cell phone, and sure enough, we were under a severe storm warning.  Even closer to home, the heavy rains kicked in and the roads were covered with debris and branches.

We made it in the house as heavy thunder and lightning came into the area, and the trees were swaying ominously.  I fired up the computer to do a quick post and blam... the power shut off.  It came back on a moment later, but I took it as an omen not to do anything on the computer.  Everything ended up fine in the end, but it sure was a big old gully washer.

Anyway, have a happy Independence Day.  Remember what it took to get and keep our freedom, and do what you can to ensure it isn't squandered.

I'm heading out now to video the firestarting videos to get them posted up this evening.

Sponsor of the Week

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  1. Good to hear that everything is alright. Have a Happy Independence Day too.


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