Fire Starter Test Reports

New Video Is Up

I've got the new video up on the IfItHitsTheFan YouTube channel now.  We did a multi-part product review looking at two different types of pocket sized fire starters, along with how they compared on five different types of starting tinder - three store bought and two home made.  The tests really surprised me.

Please check it out and consider subscribing to our YouTube channel.

Hope you had a great Independence Day!


  1. Great video, I hope you keep making them. I was surprised at some of the results myself! Things I thought were staples of the fire making world kind of fell apart when put to the test. I need to go get some Wet Fire today. Thanks for sharing the information.

  2. If you fluff up (actually spread out) the cotton ball, I think you will find it will take a spark right away. I have tried so many different methods, but I always come back to the cotton/vaseline. Cheapest and most effective method I've ever found. Also, it may work better if you wait until it has already caught a spark before putting the tinder on top. Just my experience. Love the site, and have fun next week!


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