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Emergency Essentials

In celebration of National Preparedness Month, Emergency Essentials is having a contest to give away their Traditional 2000 year's supply of food.  This package has a retail value of over $1,600 for the individual items.  It has about 2,000 calories a day for 375 days in 126 #10 cans.  There are 64 varieties of food included, 120 of them are dehydrated and 6 are freeze dried.

To enter the contest, follow the link above.  You get entries for: liking them on Facebook, subscribing to their YouTube channel, following their blog, subscribing to their newsletter, and bonus entries for publicising the contest for them.

I'm sure they'll get a ton of entries, but someone will win it!  Good luck!

Element Update

Well, the Element has amazing durability.  My guy checked the frame and undercarriage, and there is no damage there, not even to the brackets holding the bumper.  The plastic casing of the bumper has some divots in it and the foam bumper lining has some damage, so they'll get replaced, but of course at the other guy's cost.  This is my first Honda, but they know how to put a car together for sure.  And, it's actually assembled in Ohio, so it keeps Americans working.

As for me, I'm a little stiff and sore still.  I went to the chiropractor this morning, and I'll probably need a few sessions to get back to normal.  All in all, I'm very lucky.  Thanks to all the well-wishers on here, Facebook, and by email!


Tomorrow I'm going up to Northern Virginia to attend TREXPO, a huge tactical gear trade show.  I went to TREXPO for a couple of years back in the 90s, but this is my first time in recent memory.  I'm looking forward to all the gun, knife, gear, and clothing vendors to see the latest and greatest out there.  You can bet I'll take plenty of pictures and try to get some items to test for you and maybe even some things to give away in contests.  I'm also looking forward to hearing Lt. Col. Dave Grossman speak on The Bulletproof Mind: Psychological & Physiological Preparation for Combat.  Col. Grossman is the author of On Killing and
On Combat, two of the best scholarly works on the psychology of killing and violence.  I've heard him speak before and he puts on a great lecture.  He's also a heck of a good guy.  A couple years ago, I contacted him about donating to a silent auction we had to raise money for a memorial at the National Museum of the Marine Corps to honor Sgt. Major L.T. Parker, whom I served under for 6 years in the Corps and was associated with during his 30+ year police career before leukemia took him.  Col. Grossman gave me two autographed copies of his books and allowed us to use a poem that he had written about the passing of a Sheepdog.  In Col. Grossman's words, most of America is made up of sheep.  The wolves are out there as predators, and there are a few sheepdogs who live to keep the sheep safe from the wolves.  Tommy Parker was a true Sheepdog.

I'll be on the road about 0430 tomorrow, so I probably won't get the TREXPO scoop out tomorrow night, but I'll post a short summary and then get the details out over the weekend.

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