Heading West

Idaho Here We Come

Tomorrow we are heading out to my second favorite place in the world, Northern Idaho, for my cousin's wedding this weekend.  I'll get a couple of posts preloaded for you, but I'm not taking the computer, so there may be a day or so without one.

While there, I'm going to do some work, too.  We're set for a factory tour of Buck Knives, and I emailed their media relations folks to see about an interview.  Should be very cool and interesting.

We're also going to visit Survival Enterprises to look at their store and interview the owners.  Looking at their website, it looks like they have a huge variety of survival and prepping gear, so that should also be fun and informative.

I'm also going to try and look up Karen Hood and offer our condolences on Ron's passing.

It will be great visiting family and meeting some new folks from the preparedness world.  This trip will also let me work out some of my travel and TSA-compliant preps.

Amazon Deals

Amazon has a 40% off sale going on CRKT knives right now.  One of my personal favorites is the Sting1A.  If you are a fan of The Survivalist series of books by Jerry Ahern, you know that John Thomas Rourke always had a Sting1A in the back of his waistband.  I can't afford his Rolex Submariner or twin Detonics, but I was thrilled when my wife gave me my Sting a couple Christmases ago.  BTW, if you are fan of The Survivalist, look for the fan group on Facebook and join in the discussions.  There are a lot of preparedness writers on there, and Jerry Ahern makes frequent visits and postings.


  1. Love the Northern Idaho area! Sis and I were there the end of July for Ron's memorial service which was held at the Buck Factory. The Buck Family are awesome people and you are going to love the factory tour.

  2. TW - It is a wonderful area! This was the first time I've spent more than a couple days there in over 15 years. The Buck people were great and tour was very cool. I'll be writing about it in the next couple of days. My best to you and Sister Wolf!

  3. I really like the CRKT knives. Good quality at a good price. I've got a couple; wrote review of them if you're interested.




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