1999 Flashback

Sweet Sue Is Back

I was at Food Lion today doing some shopping when I stumbled across a buy one get one free sale on Sweet Sue Chicken and Dumplings.  Back in 1998 and 99, Sweet Sue played a big role in my Y2K preps and filled quite a bit of space in my basement shelving units.  It's a tasty, filling stew, and can be a good change up to add variety to your storage.  I got it on sale for $1.55 a can, normally $3.09.  The Amazon 6 pack rate is about $3.61 a can, and you save any sales tax.

Sardine Stockup

I also found Beach Cliff sardines on sale today and picked up 15 cans of mustard and Louisiana hot sauce for 79 cents each, marked down from .99.  I eat them in my lunch periodically, and they are great for long term storage of protein.

Reality Check Survive 2012 Magazine

I also found a new survival magazine in the newsstand section.  It is put out by American Handgunner magazine, and costs $9.95.  It says Vol. 2, but I never saw Vol. 1.  It looks to have a bunch of good articles on many aspects of preparedness.  I'll give you a better rundown of them tomorrow.  It also has a 90 page buyers guide for guns.  Just a few weeks ago, I finally threw out a stack of mid-80s gun magazines, and there were a couple of buyers guides in there.  Now I wish I had kept one to compare the prices from back then. 

Sponsor of the Week

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