Hip Shots


Didn't get out a post last night.  Cub Scouts went long with the entire pack's Raingutter Regatta.  My nephew won his first heat, but lost in the Tiger den championship.  But he had a great time, and it was refreshing for a youth sport to celebrate winning and not just "participation."  From here on out, I'll write an extra post on Sundays to autopublish on Monday's if we have scouts.


Just some short stuff tonight... My wife and I are celebrating our 8th anniversary!  She is the reason I prep, and why I love life!

Another Attack

How about the Garfield Township in Michigan?  The jack wagons running that town have lost money on their new wastewater treatment plant.  To solve the problem, are they reducing costs... becoming more efficient... selling it to a private entity?  Nope.  Their "progressive" idea is to levy an annual surcharge... not on the homes and businesses using the services of the wastewater treatment plant, but on the people who have wells and septic. When will it be enough?

More Magazines

Got two more magazines in the mail to read and review soon.  The new Mother Earth News has the usual variety of articles on gardening, energy, health, and far left agenda.  I do really enjoy the letters and "how to" columns.  Also got the new Survival magazine in.  Flipping through it, I see that Chance Sanders, one of my instructors at Pathfinder school, had a couple of articles in it.  The main topic of this month's issue is medicine and first aid for when SHTF.

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  1. Congrats on you anniversary!

    If you don't already get them, you may want to look into Countryside and Backwoods Home. Both excellent magazines.



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