Prepper Fun & Games

Red Cross Quiz

Came across this short quiz from the Red Cross today.  I certainly hope that all of you get 100% on it, but it's a fun little quiz and a great way to introduce others to the concept of preparedness.

Beat the Quake Game

Want to race the clock to see if you know how to make your home earthquake safe?  Try this fun little game from the Drop, Cover & Hold On folks

More Earthquake Fun

Last but not least, check out this quiz from the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management.  See how you score in a range of environments.

The Big Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest on Facebook!  The big winners are Nicole, Steven, Otis, Randy and Jenny!  Check FB for details on how to claim your If It Hits The Fan Survival Wrist Band.  For those who didn't win, we hope to get some up at www.IfItHitsTheFanGear.com this weekend.

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