The Sky Is Falling

Chicken Little Was Right

Have you heard about the falling satellite?  For some reason, this is making a lot of news, despite the fact that it happens every now and then with little or no damage.  This one seems to have the conspiracy theorists up in arms.  The most interesting thing to me is this statement from the article:

If you do come across what you suspect is a satellite piece, NASA doesn't want you to pick it up. The space agency says there are no toxic chemicals present, but there could be sharp edges. Also, it's government property. It's against the law to keep it as a souvenir or sell it on eBay. NASA's advice is to report it to the police.

Aside from NASA being concerned for the average American's ability to avoid sharp edges, I don't really understand how they can claim it is still their property even after it disintegrates in mid air and crashes to the earth in a fiery burst.  What happens if it crashes into a foreign country?  Do NASA's "laws" still apply?

Prize Winners

The If It Hit The Fan Survival Wristbands for the five prize winners went out in the mail today.  Hope you enjoy them!  I'll do my durndest to get some up at the gear shop this weekend.

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