Three Months Left

2011 has flown past!  It is almost October, which starts the final quarter.  I think I need to set some goals for the last three months.  And you know what they say... goals that are not written down are just wishes.  So here are my goals, and you all can help me achieve them.

1. Lose weight - By Dec. 31 I will lose 25 pounds.  I've started to use the "Lose It" app on my iPhone to track my calories and activity. I started last week, and it is user friendly and should be a good tool. 

2. Add to the pantry - By Dec. 31 I will add 30 days worth of food to our pantry.  Rice & grains, canned fruits and veggies, protiens

3. Build a pantry - I've got a lot of storage in our laundry room, and tons of shelving in the climate controlled shop, but our kitchen is really light in cabinet space.  We have an odd, unused section of the kitchen that will be great for building a large pantry.  Should be a fairly easy weekend project.

4. Clear six feet around the backyard fence line - We have a chain link fence surrounding our back yard, and an acre and a half of woods on the outside.  As soon as it cools off, I'll get out there with the chainsaw and clear a path that will be easy to maintain.

Each of these goals is doable, it's just a matter of getting it done. I'll keep you updated.

Electrical Question

During the week that we ran the generator after Hurricane Irene, the GFI outlet in the bathroom stopped working.  I replaced it today, but the new one does not work either.  The breakers are all fine.  Any ideas?


  1. Grab a multimeter and check if you have power coming to the outlet via the household wiring. If not, the problem is upstream. If you've got power I'd say that you have a bad outlet.


  2. Great idea of setting attainable goals by the quarter. Writing them down works for me too. Then I have them out in plain sight. I am a poor electrician so I am not much help there.

  3. Check to see to which circuit the GFCI is connected, make sure all other outlets/lights on that circuit is functioning properly, if so , the fault must be with the wiring going to the GFCI outlet, G.F.C.I. [Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter] trips when it senses a ground fault. Using your generator might have caused a leak on this circuit, did you use the GFCI outlet during the outage? Like mentioned test this circuit/outlet with multi meter to determine issues.


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