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One of the comments from yesterday was a great report of a reader's visit to his local LDS cannery.  I'm planning to make a visit to my local one this fall.  Apparently, in some areas, they are limiting users to only LDS members and guests, but I believe that many still allow anyone to come in.  To find your local one visit this website.  A call to mine got a recording that said they are open Tuesday evenings, Thursday mornings, and Saturdays.  It gave a name and number to call to set an appointment.  One thing to keep in mind if you call is to ask about the cannery.  I've read about some folks mistakenly asking for the Bishop's Warehouse, which is only for LDS members and is a charity operation.  That is different than their cannery operations.

Anyway, when you call to make an appointment, you'll need to complete the order form.  They don't have a wide variety of foods available, but the prices are really good.  Here is the order form.  Some price examples are: #10 can of hard red wheat for $3.50; black beans for $4.55; and apple slices for $5.70.  The price includes the product, the can, metal lid, oxygen absorber, and the use of the canning equipment.  With every 6 cans, you also get a carrying box and two plastic lids.  For building up staples, it's really unbeatable, and a great way to either flesh out your own stocks, or build up some basics to distribute as charity.

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  1. Thanks for writing this.. From what i understand its hard to get access to the LDS cannery here in Portland.. But for those who have access.. Take advantage...


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