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Anyone Involved in S&R?

As I type this, at the other end of the next county over, nearly a thousand volunteer and several hundred professional rescuers are looking for a 9 year old little boy with severe Autism who wandered away from his family on a hike Sunday afternoon at a Civil War battlefield park.  The past two nights have been down in the 40's, and part of the 80 acre wooded park is bordered by a river.  They've expanded the search to a 2,000 acre area.  Those with Autism are often attracted to water and don't acknowledge the dangers, simply walking on in and drowning.  With those two factors, hopes for his survival are slim, but folks around here are praying for a miracle.

I've never had any training as a volunteer in Search & Rescue, but it has always interested me. It's a great way to be of help to your community, and you have the opportunity to learn and practice wilderness survival skills.

Any of you involved in Search and Rescue?  Has it aided your prepping or survival at all?

Please say a prayer for little Robbie Wood tonight.

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  1. I volunteer as a K9 cadaver dog handler and yes, SAR does help with prepping. A very good source to start with in the "National Association for Search And Rescue" WWW.nasar.org

    There's quite a bit more to SAR operations than meets the eye. Thanks for all you do.


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