Want To Help A Kid?

Cub Scout Popcorn Time!

Most of you know that I have become involved with Cub Scouts, and have been the primary adult going with my 6 year old nephew as he has become a Tiger Cub.  I'm sure you've seen scouts set up at the grocery store, local festivals, and going door to door selling popcorn to raise money.

Well, I'm putting the call out to see if you'll buy some on-line.  By going to this link and using Scout ID# 18172846 (It should show you as supporting Caleb M.), you can order popcorn and he gets the credit.  About 70% stays with local scouting, so you really are doing a good deed.  Of course, there has to be a prepping angle here... you can order the 5 lbs of popping corn and put it up for long term storage.

Times are tight, so I certainly understand if you can't help us out right now, but if you can, I (and my nephew) will really appreciate it!  Thanks!


  1. you need to put your scout ID in your post for people to use... otherwise it puts up a pop-up the first time you go to the site and asks for the ID or the zip code (which will go to the local scouts not yours)

  2. Thanks for letting me know that! I have corrected it!


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