Time To Plant

Fall Gardening

It's finally cooled off for the season (I hope).  The ground is good and moist, and the compost is ready to spread.  Time to get that fall garden in the ground.

Here's my plan for the fall:

Lettuce - I've got some great organic seeds that have been very productive for the past two springs.  They're a variety, so it will make for nice mixed salads.

Carrots - I had some trouble with my spring carrots.  They didn't grow more than stubby finger sized.  If the fall harvest is similar, I'll try a different seed next year.

Radishes - I didn't plant any in the spring, so this should be a nice fall treat.  I love radishes and am looking forward to slicing them up on my salads.

Beets - I've never planted beets before, but I really like them.  With any luck, I might get treated to some pickled eggs in beet juice for Thanksgiving. 

So, what are your plans for your fall garden?

Sponsor of the Week

Our Sponsor of the Week is Shelf Reliance.  Having recently moved into a new headquarters, the folks at Shelf Reliance are having some great sales right now on their Thrive brand food products and on their food rotation storage systems.  I'm going to get a couple of Pantry model Cansolidators to help organize our shelves some more.  Visit Shelf Reliance for high quality foods, rotation systems and other camping, preparedness and survival gear.  Please tell them you heard about them from If It Hits The Fan.

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